Family Law

Help with divorce and parenting plans.

We provide legal advice in divorce and custody cases. We do not help with child support.

There are two family law clinics a week, one on Tuesday morning and one on Tuesday afternoon. We give advice, provide forms for you to fill out and review forms for you. We do not provide representation in court. You can have as many appointments as you need.

The clinics are by appointment only. To get your first appointment you must be screened for eligibility. To be screened you must first call the CLEAR hotline. There you are screened and then referred to the best program. If you are referred to the CCVLP we will receive your referral in two to three days and then we will call you to make your appointment.

If you are a returning client, you can call our office at 360-695-5313 to be put on our waiting list for an appointment.

Volunteer of the Year 2015 John Vomacka

Volunteer of the Year 2015
John Vomacka

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