Getting Legal Help

What Is The Clark County Volunteer Lawyers Program?

CCVLP is a nonprofit organization that provides free legal assistance to low-income Clark County residents in matters that arise in Clark County and are civil (non-criminal) in nature. Services offered include one on one consultations with an attorney, review of papers, and in limited cases representation by an attorney. To access services, you should first call CLEAR, the toll-free legal hotline, to be screened and referred to CCVLP. There are no staff attorneys at CCVLP and employees CANNOT provide legal advice.

Legal Issues in Other States

If your legal issue is in another state (not Washington) you can find legal aid offices in that state by visiting the website On the home page select your state, then select the Legal Aid Program Directory. You can choose a county and you will see the legal aid programs in that area.

When Should I Call?

CCVLP can help you with your legal problem if you meet ALL FIVE of the following conditions:

  1. You are low-income.
  2. You have a civil (non-criminal) legal problem and need information, advice, or representation.
  3. Your legal problem is in Clark County.
  4. You DO NOT already have a lawyer helping you with this problem.
  5. Your case DOES NOT involve:
    1. Criminal charges or traffic violations.
    2. Lawsuits where you are seeking a financial award.
    3. Child support cases where Division of Child Support is involved.
    4. Subsidized housing or small claims court.
    5. Restraining orders or anti-harassment orders.