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Washington Web Lawyer is a service where low-income people who have a civil legal problem in Washington State can get a legal question answered via email.

Washington Law Help Website


Washington Law Help is a website for information about civil matters. It is organized into categories which you can click on. In each category is a section with articles and a section with forms and instructions.

The categories are:

Family Law
Consumer & Debt
Public Benefits
Employment / Farm Worker’s Rights
Criminal Law
Protection from Abuse
Disaster Recovery & Relief
Youth Law & Education
Civil & Other Individual Rights
Native American Issues
Representing Yourself

Downloadable Court Forms


Washington Court Forms is a website that you can download standard court forms for many civil issues including family law forms. The forms are available in Word Document formats that you can download and then type into.

The forms are arranged in alphabetical order by category in the bold blue banners. Under Domestic Relations they are arranged alphabetically by category in the gray banners.