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Social Media

We’re on all the major social media platforms. Follow us on these channels, “like” and share our posts and help us build awareness of the good work we do.

elected officials

Look up your local legislators and drop them a line. Remind them that legal aid is a front-line response and in times of crisis, it’s more important than ever to ensure people have equitable access to the courts.

Local Efforts

Keep an eye out here for local measures (Clark County or SW Washington) or advocacy efforts that are important to us! (You can also sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of this page to be notified when new things are moving and shaking)


We are so lucky in Washington state to have some great organizations affecting change statewide.

The  Equal Justice Coalition (EJC) is our state’s grassroots advocacy effort for legal aid, working to protect and increase public funding. The best way for people to get plugged in with the advocacy efforts of the EJC is by signing up for their email list.  They send out email updates about state and federal legal aid funding, and provide people with easy opportunities to contact their legislators and engage in advocacy efforts at the state and local level.

We are a proud member of the Washington state Alliance for Equal Justice. The Alliance is a network of Washington State organizations that work together in a collaborative way to coordinate strategy and delivery of civil legal aid to people and communities that experience poverty and injustice.

If you’re an individual, check out their website for some awesome resources and a bunch of good information.

If you are an organization, join the alliance!

Use Your Wallet


Of course, the best way to support our work is to make a monthly, recurring donation. Your donation ensures our lights stay on and our doors open.

Fred Meyer

Remember us at the grocery

Fred Meyer Community Rewards makes fundraising for us easy by getting Fred Meyer to donate based on the shopping you do everyday. Once you link your card/Rewards number to our organization, all you have to do is shop (and make sure you use your rewards number).

You just need a digital account (through their website) to get started.

If you don’t have a digital account, learn about setting one up here:

You just need an email address and your rewards number.

If you don’t know your rewards number, that’s okay-you can make one online instantly.

From your digital account,

  1. Go here to search for our organization
  2. Enter “Clark County Volunteer Lawyers Program”
  3. Select us from the list and click “Save”.

In Washington state, we are fortunate to participate in coordinated funding efforts that are greater than the sum of their parts.

The Campaign for Equal Justice is our state’s only coordinated, annual fund drive for legal aid and the fundraising arm of the Legal Foundation of Washington. Legal Foundation of Washington is a significant grantor to our organization, and they can only maintain these grants through income from the Campaign for Equal Justice. The best thing about this is that each dollar raised out of Clark County through the campaign comes back to us as $3-$9 in our annual grant.

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