Eviction and Rent Help

What You Need to Know

This means you can be evicted for not paying rent.

Below is our “cheat sheet” on what to do now that the “moratorium” is over.

As always, if you are concerned about being evicted, or need help talking to your landlord, call us at 360-334-4007. Hablamos español.

Tenants are encouraged to work with their landlords on repayment plans as soon as possible. Remember: you are still responsible to pay back rent from the moratorium, so if you’re having trouble making that work-get help at the resources below.

With your Rent:

Council for the Homeless

Call: 360.695.9677


Call: 360.952.8317 (English)

For Spanish: 360.952.8317 ext. 386

For other languages: 360.952.8317 ext. 387

Talking to Your Landlord:

Community Mediation Services

Call: 360.334.5862

Us! (Clark County Volunteer Lawyers)

Call: 360.334.4007

Nosotros hablamos español

Learn About the Statewide Eviction Resolution Program (ERP):

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Things You Might See

As long as it isn’t threatening, landlords are encouraged to work with you on a repayment plan for rent you may owe. That’s okay! They will start the process by sending you the below notice (Notice 1). If you do not respond as instructed on the notice, you will receive Notice 2.

If you get either of the notices below, let us know right away. We can help!

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