What is this Event?

At a farm, but you shouldn’t get too dirty

This is our second annual Garden Party event, complete with a silent art auction by local artists. We love a garden in any form (take a gander at our out-of-control office plants if you doubt us), and aim to change up the type of garden a little each year.  

As long as we’re in nature with our friends, eating good food and doing something crafty, we’re happy.

This year, the theme is “Farm Faire”. 

We’re donning our gingham and pulling on our wellies to spend a day at Pomeroy Farm.

Pomeroy Farm, a fellow nonprofit organization, has a “living history farm” depicting farm life in the pre-electric 1920s. 

Don’t worry, you won’t be called on to participate in a reenactment, but the experience of being on this farm on a sunny day in June, having a picnic, looking at art, and playing games on the lawn, is one we just have to share.

Here’s how Pomeroy Farm describes the space: “The house, barn, blacksmith shop, various outbuildings, gardens and grounds, all continue to portray life from an earlier time. We invite you to join us at the farm for a taste of a simpler life, one in which the sunlight shapes our days, our work demands grit and mettle, and family is the most important institution in our lives.”


An escape to the nature not so far from our backyards

We hope you will join us in one of the most beautiful parts of the Southwest Washington. 

Yes- it is a full 35 minute drive from downtown Vancouver. But if you’ve ever moved away from this incredible landscape we call home, you know how easy it is to take the gorge for granted.  The drive out there is stellar, and despite the relative short distance from town, it feels like a genuine escape. 


A fundraiser

While we want to share with our attendees what it feels like to be part of our team (warm, full of laughter, and incredibly creative), this is still one of our 2 annual fundraisers.  For that reason, it is a ticketed event and there will be a few ways (hopefully fun ones) that you will be able to donate to our organization. 

So come ready to bid on art by local artists, participate in a paddle raise, “shop” at our stall of plant starts straight from our office plants, buy raffle tickets (that will definitely be adorable in their own right), and meet all our other friends who we are over the moon to know and love.

June 15th, from 11am-2pm

Read on to learn more.

Thank you to our Sponsors

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Submitting Your Art:

For this event, we are seeking submissions from artists at this form.

The form asks for information about the artist and the pieces they would like to submit. This includes whether you (the artist) would like to place a reserve on the piece, and/or set the opening bid.

A reserve tells us the amount you won’t sell it for less than.

An opening bid is where you’d like us to start the bidding.  You don’t have to set it, but if you’re experienced  with art auctions, you might have a strategy in mind. By all means, weigh in here.

Your submission is also required to include at least one photo of either the piece you are seeking to submit, or, if you will be creating a new work, then a couple photos of past work you believe reflects what you will create for the event.

If you have questions or need help with your submission, contact Mia at 360-695-5313 x 101 or by clicking the button below.

If Selected:

Attend for Free

If selected as an artist, you will receive a promo code for a complimentary ticket to attend the Garden Party yourself. Art is nothing without its artist, and we would be honored to have you share in this event that highlights the incredible work of our community members. We’d love you to get your friends and family to attend (and spend money!), but we also are excited to have the artists there to talk about their work and mingle with our crew.

Art Sales

CCVLP cannot guarantee that art offered for auction (sale) at the event will be sold. However, for pieces that do sell, there will be a 50/50 split on the proceeds of the sold art piece, to be split equally between the contributing artist and CCVLP. You of course have the option to “waive” some or all of your portion of the proceeds, but this is not our expectation. 

We will go into more detail on this with artists once submissions are selected.

Promoting You

In addition to providing a forum for display and sale of your work, CCVLP will post artist biographies next to each piece of displayed art, provide a venue for artists to engage with the public about their art, and will use/tag your social media handles when promoting this fundraising event.

Applicable deadlines:

May 15th: Deadline for all submissions

May 20th:  Selected artists will be contacted and asked to sign an agreement for the event. (Note: artists will be selected on a rolling basis, this is the date by which all selected artists will be notified and the agreement will be sent out for signature to all selected artists). 

June 3rd-13th: Art must be delivered to CCVLP’s office Monday-Friday between 9 AM- 3 PM or by appointment if other arrangements are necessary.

June 15th: The day of the Garden Party! The event goes from 11:00am-2:00pm. Bidding starts at 12:00pm and closes at 1:00pm. All artists are welcome and encouraged to attend and CCVLP will provide a ticket for the participating artist (we’ll provide a promo code for you to use when you register to attend).


Sponsor this Event!

We’d love to have 100% of our proceeds from ticket sales, art auction, raffle tickets, paddle raise, and other event revenue go directly to the services we provide.

To do this, we rely on sponsorships to cover the expenses of putting on this event.

Fortunately, we offer a wide range of sponsorship opportunities-so you can support us at a level that is doable for you. 






**Includes 4 tickets!**

2 sponsorships available at this tier 

While we don’t have “presenting sponsors” for this event, we consider roses to be some of the finest and classiest flowers.  In this vein, we name our top sponsorship level the ‘Rose’.  

Roses have a very long flowering period, helping to sustain pollinators for much longer than other flowers. They increase biodiversity by feeding insects, providing nesting sites for birds, and sheltering small animals. They even provide a food source for birds during the autumn and winter.

Our Rose Sponsors offer the level of stability and assurance we need to sustain our services for the next year.  These sponsorships offer a foundation for the event, offsetting our most significant costs. 

Just as a rose is often the feature of a bouquet, so will the Rose Sponsors be featured in our promotion of this event. As the top sponsor, you’ll get top billing, and top press.

  • Includes 4 complimentary tickets
  • Includes 4 complimentary raffle tickets
  • Fund cost of attendance for artists (whose art is up for bid)
  • Receive recognition live at the event
  • Your (company’s) logo displayed throughout the event
  • Promoted on all event materials

**Includes 2 tickets!**

4 sponsorships available at this tier

Like roses, dahlias have a long flowering period that supports the heck out of its pollinators. Dahlias are some of the most beautiful flowers, vibrant and easily a centerpiece. But they are also at ease in a diverse bouquet, overflowing with variety and texture. They frequently serve as a colorful accent in a garden, and are incredibly nourishing and sustaining. They have been used as a nourishing food source, to treat epilepsy, and as a treatment for diabetes before insulin. 

Our Dahlia Sponsors show up and they don’t mess around. They are flexible, innovative, and collectively sustaining. 

If you often say “use this donation to support whatever is needed” or enjoy supporting our organization as a steadfast contributor year after year, this might be the tier for you.

  • Includes 2 complimentary raffle tickets
  • Receive recognition live at the event
  • Your (or your company’s) logo displayed throughout the event
  • Promoted on all event materials

Unlimited sponsorships available at this tier

Is there anything more beautiful than a field of lavender as far as the eye can see? Lavender helps keep away the bad (grow it in your garden to stave off mosquitos) while nurturing the good (it’s a top pollinator plant!). It reduces stress and keeps us calm, and despite these wonderful benefits, is relatively easy to grow.

Like lavender, our Lavender Sponsors offer significant benefit to our event and our work, while being more “doable”.  $500 is still a big deal, and if this is the amount you can sponsor, know it is making a real impact. Just as Lavender is more beautiful the larger the swathes, pooling a larger number of Lavender Sponsors has the effect of contributing more to this event than either of the top tiers. 

So if you love joining arms with your fellow sponsors, creating a powerful network of financial impact, and offering the calming stability we all need in our fundraising efforts, this is the level for you.

  • Receive recognition live at the event
  • Your (or your company’s) logo displayed throughout the event
  • Promoted on all event materials

Unlimited sponsorships available at this tier

Wildflowers, by definition, grow without being intentionally seeded or planted. They often emerge where least expected, and cannot be isolated as any one type of flower. In recognition of the persistent vibrancy of wildflowers, we have named this sponsorship tier the “Wildflower Sponsor”.  

One of the things we love most about our unique community of supporters is that they are rich in diversity of experience, profession, and financial affluence.  In the past, we have had individuals say they would love to sponsor our events, but can’t commit to $500 or more.

This tier is for those persistent, fierce, warm hearted community partners of ours who are eager to join forces with fellow “wildflowers” to create a sea of change. It is important to us that sponsors not always be seen as big businesses or corporations, and that we are supported by the people who most understand our work. 

This is that tier. 

  • Receive recognition live at the event
  • Your (or your company’s) name (not logo) displayed at the event
  • Promoted on all event materials

Attend this Event!

If you’ve only ever been to Battle of the Lawyer Bands, you might think you can show up the day of the event and get your party started.

Unfortunately, we have to plan a bit more for this one, including making sure we’ve got enough food, space, and mimosas flowing for all our guests.

Therefore, make sure to purchase your ticket(s) early to ensure your attendance.

Ticketing & Ticket Prices

Here’s how ticket prices work:

We love kiddos (and will have farm animals at the ready for them to meet), so want to make it doable to bring along the whole family. For that reason, we’ve got a few price levels for the wee ones.

Ages 3 and under: Free! We love all the bambinos and know the younger they are, the harder it can be to be apart for a long period of time.

Ages 4-14: $20.  We want you to be able to bring the kids if childcare is not an option. We also think we’ll have a lot of activities aimed just for this age group and would love to help you spend a memorable Saturday together.  We know youngsters don’t usually eat as much as adults, but we do need to offset the cost of food as well as other activities we’re making available.

Ages 15+: $50.  We need to cover the cost of putting on this event and ensure all money raised at the event goes right back into our services.  Sponsorships are aimed at helping to cover these costs as well, but we never know exactly what we’ll be bringing in with those. So between food, venue, and a roaring good time, we have set this price at $50.

Propagator & Booster Tickets: 

In our bones, we never want someone (or their family) to be unable to attend our event because of the price of tickets. Yet this is still a fundraiser, and ticket prices are one of the primary sources of revenue for it.

Plant propagation is the process by which new plants grow from a variety of sources. We offer the opportunity to be either the propagator or receive a “boost”. 

We therefore offer the following options on the ticketing page:

Propagator tickets: If you have a few extra dollars to spare, and want to ensure we have the full diversity of our supporters and collaborators at this event, you can add the cost of one or more tickets to your cart. 

Booster tickets: If you find purchasing any or all of your tickets to be a financial hardship, we might be able to offer financial assistance. If there are any tickets you can pay full price for, please add them to your cart as normal.

Then, indicate how many children’s tickets and how many adult tickets you would like assistance in obtaining.

We reiterate that financial affluence does not make someone our favorite. Conversely, not feeling comfortable paying full price to attend this event does not mean we want you to skip it! So be honest. We will gladly help out if we can.

NOTE: When purchasing your ticket(s), you will be offered the opportunity to save your credit card information. We suggest you do so for a few reasons:

  • Check out will be easy. If you participate in the paddle raise and/or the art auction, you get to skip checkout. We’ll process your card on file at the end of the event.
  • We won’t need to know your card details. Our auction site (and the associated credit card processing) is PCI level 1 compliant. Your actual card details are safeguarded by Chase Bank, and you can avoid providing them to anyone associated with the event or the auction site.

What to Expect:

There is no dress code for this event, but we welcome you embracing the theme! 

Think gingham, sunhats and baskets overflowing with wildflowers.

Come hungry, because even though there won’t be a plated meal, you will be able to stuff yourself on our ‘build your own picnic basket’ station.  Enjoy simple, delicious comfort food courtesy of our friends (and past hosts of this event) Hidden House Catering.  We’ll have all kinds of sandwiches, sweets, and classic picnic food ready for you to assemble your own basket.

Take your picnic basket and spread out! We’re aiming to have nearly every type of seating, from picnic blankets on the grass to “real table and chairs” for those who prefer it. 

In between nibbles, craft your own mimosa (if you’re 21+) or non-alcoholic specialty beverage, paint your own flower pot, and spend a day playing games on the lawn.There will be fun activities for all ages, so bring the whole family!

Love our office plants? We’ve been propagating starts from many of them (and there is a serious variety!), so shop at our plant stall and purchase your very own. 

We will take a bit of time to talk about the work we do and in general get really mushy about how much we love each other, and then ask you to support our work with a paddle-raise request.

And of course, we are saving the best for last. Something we love so much it’s part of the name of our event! Come ready to bid on art from local artists in our silent art auction.  The silent part refers to the method of bidding, and in no way reflects the hot competition, exciting chatter, or rich conversations with the artists that take place during it.  So make sure there’s room in the car to haul away your loot!

Don’t want to miss any communication about this? 

Make sure to join our mailing list at the bottom of the webpage. We promise we don’t over-email, but we do make sure our community knows what we’re up to. This includes super amazing Art Auctions and Garden Parties.

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