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We support our low-income community members in their civil (non-criminal) legal problems in Clark County.

Read on to learn about how we do this, some of the types of legal problems we help with, and the best way to get help-depending on your need.

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Debt Defense & Bankruptcy

We provide advice and some full representation to clients in the process of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. We do not provide services for Chapter 11 or 13.

We also give advice for anyone with credit card, medical, or other types of debt. Our attorneys will help determine if bankruptcy is the right option, or if something else can be done to reduce or eliminate the debt.

Get help with your debt today by calling 360.334.4007.  (Nosotros hablamos español)

We regularly partner with Upsolve, a nonprofit that works like TurboTax to make your Chapter 7 court documents for free and help you file. Many times, this is faster than working this us, as long as your bankruptcy is "simple". To see if Upsolve is a good fit, complete their "screener" questionnaire here!

Our friends at Northwest Justice Project and Washington Law Help have a do-it-yourself form that you can use if you are being sued for debt you owe.

Simply answer a series of questions about your case and it will generate the documents you need and tell you where to file.

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Children First
With Department of Children, Youth and Families

Families involved with Child Protective Services (CPS) sometimes need help with “Family Law” actions to keep their children safe. These might be divorce, parenting plans, protection orders or custody agreements. We partner with Department of Children, Youth and Families to guide these families through those family law actions.

Our lawyers do not give advice on any part of the case that may be prosecuted in court (ie: criminal or defending against CPS investigation). We may only help with non-criminal family law matters (ie: taking steps to help the child remain in or return to the home).

Contact your DCYF caseworker or call 360.993.7900 to get a referral. 

courtroom readiness specialist

Our courtroom readiness specialist, who is not an attorney, helps people prepare to go to court by themselves. This includes:

  •  Preparing to stand and speak, centered and grounded, in court without an attorney
  • Minimizing effects of prior trauma and/or emotional triggers in court
  • Working collaboratively with the advising attorney

Get help preparing for court today by calling 360.695.5313.  (Nosotros hablamos español)

Criminal records (vacating)

A criminal record can be a barrier to housing, employment, and moving out of poverty. In Washington state, many crimes may be “vacated” or “expunged”, but this take the client (or defendent) starting the process.

Our attorneys review a client’s criminal record to see if the type of crime is one that can be vacated, and if all other requirements have been met (wait-time and fines paid off). If so, we provide the paperwork and directions to vacate these records.

Get help with your criminal record today by calling 360.695.5313.  (Nosotros hablamos español)

Our friends at Northwest Justice Project and Washington Law Help have a do-it-yourself form that you can use to seal your juvenile court record.

Simply answer a series of questions and it will generate the documents you need and tell you where and how to file.

Domestic violence & SUrvivor Support
With YWCA Clark County

We partner with the YWCA SafeChoice Domestic Violence Program to provide legal services for survivors of domestic violence. Anyone who has experienced domestic violence and now has legal issues as a result can meet with a specially trained attorney in a safe space.

Contact your advocate at YWCA or call 360.696.0167 to get a referral.  (Se habla español)

YWCA SafeChoice advocates can work with you to develop a personalized safety plan, provide education on domestic violence, and give information and referrals to relevant community resources. Advocates can also provide assistance with Domestic Violence Protection Orders and accompaniment to the Protection Order hearings at the Clark County Courthouse. Advocacy services are available in English and Spanish, or through an interpreter in additional languages.

Call their 24-hour domestic violence hotline (they accept collect calls)360-695-0501
For life threatening situations call911

Our friends at Northwest Justice Project and Washington Law Help have a do-it-yourself form that you can use if you need to protect yourself and/or your children from your abuser.

Simply answer a series of questions and it will generate the documents you need and tell you what to do next.

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Early Parenthood

For youth experiencing early parenthood (have had a child or are currently expecting one before the age of 21). Our attorneys meet with them in the office or at their school to offer legal advice (group and 1-on-1) on rights, responsibilities, and resources of parents in Clark County.

Learn about your rights today by calling 360.695.5313.  (Nosotros hablamos español)

The Vancouver Public Schools GRADS teen parent program was developed for any pregnant or parenting high school student in Vancouver Public Schools.

The objectives of the program are to help students remain in school and graduate, while delaying subsequent pregnancies and developing skills for effective parenting and future success.

To learn more, call 360.313.4436 or click the link above.

The Evergreen Public Schools GRADS program allows you to attend all or part of the day at Evergreen High School where the program is located.

This allows you to participate in activities at your home high school.

To learn more, call 360.604.3700 ext. 8795 or click the link above.

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Elder Law

This program serves aged clients with multiple legal problems at the same time, or with legal concerns that are made worse because of their age. 

This also includes clients whose life experiences have led them to encounter legal concerns typical of seniors. Rather than require aged clients to seek advice in each program based on area of law, attorneys in this program address a wide range of concerns (Family Law, Contracts, Debt, Financial Abuse, Housing, etc.). 

We also provide traditional advice in Wills, Estate Plans, Powers of Attorney, Advanced Directives, etc. regardless of age.

Get help today by calling 360.334.4007.  (Nosotros hablamos español)

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Employment law

Support is specifically provided (but not limited) to people who’s employment-related legal needs arise from or are made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic.

These legal problems may include:

  • Wrongful Termination
  • Discrimination, Retaliation, or Harassment
  • Wage and Hour Disputes
  • Fair and Safe Workplaces
  • Unemployment Benefits (Denials and Appeals)

Learn about your employment rights today by calling 360.334.4007.  (Nosotros hablamos español)

We (and our community partners) are constantly putting out great videos to help you become a better-informed worker. 

See what we've got over on our "Videos" page here.

Fair Work Center is a hub for Washington workers to understand and exercise their legal rights, improve working conditions and connect with community resources.

Attend their awesome "know your rights" and "workplace health and safety" workshops or get a free legal consultation from an attorney.

Call 844.485.1195 for more information or reach out using their form here.

Our friends at Unemployment Law Project help temporarily unemployed workers in Washington challenge the denial of unemployment benefits through direct representation and through a telephone helpline.

Learn more about what they do here or by calling them at (206) 441-9178 or toll free, (888) 441-9178. 

Family Law

We are currently CLOSED to family law cases. If you have a deadline or a scheduled court date, you may still call us for help connecting to other resources.

We provide advice and assistance to clients with family law needs. These include:

  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Parenting plans
  • Non-parental custody

Get help today by calling 360.695.5313.  (Nosotros hablamos español)

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Financial Forgiveness

We facilitate discharge (getting rid) of fines and fees through Clark County district court. We work directly with the judge on the client’s behalf, using a financial declaration. This program can restore drivers licenses and remove most or all legal financial obligations (court fines).


We also help with the paperwork and process of Clark County superior court fines, even though the process is a little different.

Get help with your court fines today by calling 360.695.5313.  (Nosotros hablamos español)

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General Law

General Law includes all areas of civil (not criminal) legal needs that don’t fit into another category. This may be help with:

  • Contracts
  • Getting a security deposit back
  • Or more traditional “consumer protection” needs

Get help with your general law needs today by calling 360.334.4007.  (Nosotros hablamos español)

Guardianship (Lay)

This is a program for lay people (not-professionals) serving as guardians of people with disabilities that are physical, mental health, age-related, or who have neurological capacity concerns. 

Guardians must be non-professional, but may be in any stage of the process (including not yet appointed by the court). Our attorneys help guardians establish or maintain a lay guardianship.

Get help with your lay guardianship today by calling 360.695.5313.  (Nosotros hablamos español)

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We work with social service organizations to bring  legal aid directly to people experiencing homelessness. 

This may be in the form of a walk-in advice clinic or providing full representation on legal issues specific to this client population.

Find us at the Navigation Center, call us at 360.695.5313 or walk in.  (Nosotros hablamos español)

housing justice project

Housing Justice cases include landlord/tenant disputes, evictions, tenant discrimination, or any issue that prevents a client from being safely and fairly housed. Our attorneys provide advice during clinic appointments and may provide assistance at the unlawful detainer (eviction) docket.

We do not provide financial help with rent.

Get help with your tenant law questions today by calling 360.334.4007.  (Nosotros hablamos español)

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